Thomas Hanner - My Approach
  • Every dance student who stands in front of me is important.
  • I want to build self esteem and confidence in every student.
  • I have numerous students who have moved on to become professional dancers. In fact I am currently teaching for several former students with successful studios.
  • I try to blend ballet training into the other forms of dance that they are learning, be it lyrical, jazz, tap or hip-hop.
  • I have trained extensively in all schools of ballet: Russian, Royal Ballet, Checcetti, and Balanchine, and I always adapt and adjust to the students who are standing in front of me to give them what they need.
  • If your studio is between upstate New York and southern Maryland, Jersey Shore and Morgantown, WVA I will come to your studio for the day.
  • I often visit studios far away to teach 4 or 5 students in the first week, but the class usually builds to 30 or 40 students very quickly.
  • My goal is not only to offer your students the best ballet training but to build your dance program and your business.
  • No studio will ever lose financially by having me teach.