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"The Snow Forest scene was beautifully danced and beautifully set. The giant silver and white Christmas tree dominated the intense, bluelit scene. It was very spectacular. Alicia Colino and Thomas Hanner danced the Snow Queen and Prince with supple resilience and sensitive grace. Hanner returned for two much more athletic roled in Act II. In all his roles he showed himself to be an exceptionally talented dancer." - Robert Burmister, San Francisco Chronicle

" 'Coppelia' is a vehicle for character solos by animated dolls and charming peasant dances for the group. Filled with pantomime dialogue, it is as old-fashioned now as the tinkly Delibes music. But it was ideal for the children in the audience who demonstrably loved the dancing dolls. Theater Ballet's corps de ballet is uneven, but the flying ribbons and parti-colored skirts of the dancing girls were bright and gay. The dancing pleasure in 'Coppelia" was in the hand - or the heels - of Thomas Hanner's Franz, an acrobat of lightness and ease, and a charmer as an actor. Best of all, his leaps bounded from the notes of the score in precise rhythm, too often lacking in the company." - Dorothy Nichols, San Francisco Chronicle

"Best of all were Lynn Cote for her lyrical eloquence and Thomas Hanner for his form and finish in the Grand Pas de Deux." - Alan M. Kriegsman, The Washington Post

"The five men were technically strong and one particularly admired Tommy Hanner for his calm assurance." - Alexandra Tomalonis, Washington DanceView